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Dog Park Happenings and News?

Cindy’s Memorial Bark Park of Port Vue is adjacent to Port Vue Athletic Association in memory of Cindy McGraw-Davic to keep her legacy and love of animals and the outdoors alive! Cindy was raised in Port Vue and many of her family and friends still reside in the borough.

  • Fundraiser at Cindy’s Memorial Dog Park


    Bring your four-legged friends to celebrate the spring reopening of the dog park! Enjoy local delicious food & drinks, a 50/50 drawing and basket raffle – all benefiting the Bark Park!

    Saturday, May 22, 2021
    10 am – 2 pm

    Cindy’s BarkPark – Archie’s Way, Port Vue

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    • Amazon Best-Seller – Twenty Won Book Signing with Kelli Komondor
    • Liquid Vibes fresh, local coffee (hot, cold, frozen) and local honey and other treats
    • Dead End Diner serving breakfast and lunch selections

1 Archies Way, Port Vue

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Grand Opening Photo Gallery

Our hope is that the dog park will beautify the community, improve already existing green space, address the lack of off-leash play space for our furry friends, as well as provide space for community members to gather.

Dog parks allow dogs to get adequate physical and mental exercise, thereby lessening destructive and disruptive behaviors in general which can benefit society as a whole as well as provide a space for dog-dog socialization and people socialization. Dog parks lessen the chance of owners letting their dogs’ off-leash in on-leash parks. Dog owners like to take their dogs to the local trails, and if the trail “looks” like no one is on it, then owners like to give their pets a chance to get some good running in off of their leashes. This can cause real issues on the trail. In a dog park , there are no cars, rollerbladers, skateboarders, or bikes that are likely to be encountered like on the trails and streets. Having a dog park in Port Vue will promote responsible dog ownership , provide an outlet for dog owners to socialize , and will improve our community by promoting outdoor activities and public health.

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If you would like to make a donation to the dog park to help with upfront costs or sustainability, checks can be issued to the Borough of Port Vue. Please be sure to write Cindy’s Memorial Bark Park in the memo line. Mail to: Borough of Port Vue Cindy’s Memorial Bark Park 1191 Romine Ave. Port Vue, PA 15133 Attn: Holly Turkovic.