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You, the public are in important partner in the campaign to preserve Western Pennsylvania’s greatest asset-our water supply. Pure water is essential for all forms of life. Keeping our water safe from contamination is in everyone’s best interest. In each newsletter, we will be providing tips on how you can help preserve this vital commodity.

When you wash your car at home, where does that water go? It likely goes onto the street where it is collected in a storm sewer which transports it to a stream or river. If you use harsh chemicals to clean you caar, they will also go into the stream where they can kill fish or wildlife that may drink the water. It is better to go to a commercial car wash where the water is cleaned and reused or if possible, wash your car in a grassy area where the water will filter into the ground instead of running off into a creek.

Salt is another source of water contamination. While we all want to clear the snow and ice from our walks and driveways to be safe, please remember to use salt or other de-icers sparingly. Use only as much as needed. This will help minimize contamination and also save you money!

For more information on how to protect our water resources is available at: